Comay Bistro

At Co May, we believe in serving our community with the best boba teas and banh mi sandwiches made from locally sourced ingredients. Our commitment to using only natural and high-quality ingredients is unwavering, and we take pride in brewing our teas with real tea leaves and making our simple syrups in-house. Our cozy atmosphere and friendly service create a welcoming space where you can enjoy a quick lunch or a refreshing drink. Come visit us and experience the difference that local and natural ingredients can make!

Bánh mì & Tea

Our fresh ingredients are just waiting to be blended into a cup of wellness. Scroll down to get familiar with our offerings and start picking your own favorites. Have another recipe in mind? We would be happy to make it for you.

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Tasty & Fun

Indulge in our delectable array of grab-and-go desserts that are perfect for satisfying your cravings on the move. From delightful pastries to mouthwatering cakes, our dessert menu offers a delightful treat for every sweet tooth, conveniently packaged for you to enjoy wherever you go.

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